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I STREAM...come join my community.

When do you stream bro?

Well, look at my schedule and hit me up.

Donations? why?

Well, check out my support page.


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Zombie chatter :)

Hey, come on in and say hi :) My community is very welcoming and we would love to have you. If you like zombies, apocalypse themes, action games, or bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression then you will fit right in. 


My Schedule

Loyalty Rewards – spend your points 

Are you a regular? Well, contact me and request to spend some of those hard earned points. If you’re a “n3wb” then I will explain. Loyalty points are earned by watching my stream, it’s that simple. The more you watch the more you gain. They are stored in your user profile, you never lose them unless you spend them. The points will just continue to add up the next time you visit. All points purchases are for the period of 1 month or 12 full streams, whatever comes first.

CUSTOM GREETING – You can have your very own custom greeting when  you join chat. This is automatic and will greet you with the message of your choice when you join.

CUSTOM COMMAND – Create a custom command that anyone can use in chat. EXAMPLE “!hype”  (come on people lets get hype!) this will also include a small audio clip of your choice (10sec or less). The cooldown time will be 5minutes to reduce spamming.

CUSTOM BATHROOM BREAK SCREEN – You can pick what you want to see as my bathroom break screen. Any images, .gifs, and or music are fair game (can’t be vulgar). This screen usually comes up on average of 3 times a stream and for about 2 minutes at a time.


CUSTOM SCROLL IN STREAM – Create a custom scrolling message in my stream whenever it is live.

AUTOMATIC HOSTING OF YOUR STREAM - I will set my stream to host your stream whenever you are live. Acceptance of this is at my discretion since I want to make sure your culture fits mine.

Please use this form to contact me about your loyalty rewards purchase. Please include all the information I would need to process your order. (example) If you want a custom command with a sound clip, tell me the command (!hype) then the text message “Let’s get hype” then attach the .mp3 file.
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